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Brief Description of the Event

Casting “The Final Play”, a compelling story that follows a talented 17-year-old student athlete with dreams of making it big. But the struggles of violence in the hood and self-doubt threatens to kill his dreams. 


Roles & Extras

  1. Shantel. A mother who is a warm, loving, resilient fighter; age 34*

  2. Terrance. A father who is troubled and selfish; age 33-35 

  3. Monique. Encouraging, giving, strong; age 34

  4. Carl. Strong, wise, compassionate; age 40-42

  5. Coach Singleton. Caring, structured, firm, wise; age 37-38

  6. Jamarion. Intelligent, conscious, wants to be an athlete; age 15

  7. Marcus. Playful, high energy, naïve; age 15 

  8. Davon. Cool, immature, playful; age 16-17

  9. Jamarhiana. Athletic, feisty, funny; age 15

  10. TJ. Intelligent, gifted, athlete, determined, creative; age 17

  11. Chris. Charismatic, street smart, cut-throat; age 19-21

  12. Tasha. Chill, down-to-earth, no non-sense, encouraging; age 16-17

  13. Keisha. Crazy, super ghetto, manipulative; age 15-16

  14. Uncle Bud. Old school, giving, flirtatious; age 60

  15. Pastor Thomas. Charismatic, relatable, persuasive; age 29-30

  16. Police officer 1

  17. Police officer 2

  18. Friend 1

  19. Friend 2

  20. Friend 3

  21. Opponent 1

  22. Opponent 2

 *A Note About Age: The ages listed are the ages of the characters in the stage play. The actor does not have to be the specific age of the character. 



Sunday, May 2, 2021 6:00PM



Harbor of Hope, 769 Pipestone Street, Benton Harbor, MI


Applicant Requirements

Come prepared to give a 1-minute monologue of your own choosing.

Bring your headshot and bio when coming for audition. 

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